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At the restaurant

Calle de La Campa, 3
26005, Logroño, La Rioja

Our History

It is unlikely that man will give up making food a rite, no matter how much our eating habits change, I am convinced that society increasingly seeks, with greater emphasis, the value of nature.

It was a rite for prehistoric man to gather around the fire to eat the hunted animals. Not in vain many say that communication was born.

In my life as a restaurateur I have tried to keep these two concepts: fire and meat or fish in its most naked simplicity, giving maximum importance to the precision of its execution.

I hope to honor with my work the words written by the great sculptor Jorge Oteiza in the book of honor of our House and my great teacher, Julán de Tolosa, whose historical and recognized menu I dare to emulate: asparagus, peppers and chop.

Buy the best vegetables, meats, fish, fruits, oils, etc. It is a simple example of what my tendency and my obsession are. With all these products, we little invent, we only have to worry about putting our five senses in its elaboration so as not to spoil them.

Fermín Lasa

The restaurant

Calle de la Campa Nº 3
26005 – Logroño
La Rioja. España
Tel.: 941.228.603


The closest to the restaurant is the Gran Vía Parking.